When Life Happens

Topics: Bill Clinton, Democratic Party, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Ortega 1
Crystal Ortega
Irene J Peterson
Visual Analysis
English 1010
24 September 2012

My general impression of this design is that Obama is letting Bill Clinton take the spot light to gain more votes because so many people believed that Bill Clinton was an excellent president and that he can win over votes in republican states like Utah and Colorado. The important design elements of this cartoon are the wording “It’s my party but you can swoon if you want to…” its showing a lack of mindfulness of the voters they are more focused on what Bill Clinton has to stay then what Obama should be saying instead he is in the back ground taking the credit and getting the votes. The relationship between the text and the image is that Obama is letting Bill Clinton take the stage and speak on his behalf, Obama is using Bill Clinton to “swoon” the crowd with his Ortega 2

speech to talk up Obama and get in good standings with the crowd so they will either continue to vote for him or it will persuade them to vote for him. Also “its This cartoon appeals to logos by making both liberals and conservatives laugh because it exaggerates a very real truth that Obama is using Bill Clinton’s popularity to win votes in states he is unpopular in. This cartoon is credible because, Obama does have Bill Clinton speak for him to ramp up his voters and also persuade the other party to vote for him, to make himself more desirable as a candidate. Furthermore it shows that the audience is already “madly in love” with bill Clinton which works in Obama’s favor to help win votes, however he has someone else making his speeches, backing his ideas, and winning voters hearts. The irony here is obama is crying because it’s supposed to be his party but it’s not, its bill Clinton’s party and the double irony is that Obama is getting taken advantage of for his gain. This image does assume that people have prior knowledge of Bill Clinton for one, being our president, and two, that in...
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