When in I Joined the Army

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When I Joined The Army
When I decided to join the United States Army. I found out the importance of being in good shape and have good discipline. Whenever we woke up in the morning to do exercise or do any kind of training, I had to have a good mental mind for that day or that day would be really rough for me. But the two most important reasons for having good discipline and being in good shape was to be able to go through the training without any difficulties.

First having a good discipline is a definite yes, because without discipline you are going to have a lot of trouble with your instructors or boss on the job. It is important to have good discipline because you will have a better state of mind set you will find it easier to follow instructions. Even if your instructor gives you a hard time you will have the good effort to stay calm. But discipline isn’t the only thing you need to pass the training you will also need to be an on time person. You need to learn to learn to be on time on every formation. If you are not on time for the formation you will have a hard day with your instructors. Even if you are a good disciplinary person the instructor will still might push you a little bit harder just to see how far you will go. It is good to learn to have well disciplinary because you will not just need it in the military but in the civilian life as well you need to have good disciplinary actions. If I didn’t have good disciplinary actions I probably wouldn’t been able to finish the army training.

Second, being in good condition for me was really essential for me because in the army you have to do a lot of exercise and walk a lot. Being in good condition keeps you healthy and in alert for when you’re doing training. In the civilian life being in good conditions can help you find better jobs than being fat. If you’re in the army and do not have good condition you probably don’t have well disciplinary because to have good condition you must have good...
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