Being on Time in the Military

Topics: Military, Army, Soldier Pages: 7 (2916 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Discipline is being considered as a primary requisite in each military academy in the world. Especially, during any military training discipline is being required. So, show how well disciplined soldier you are in front of your senior military officials you should be punctual. Punctuality plays a vital role in making any cadet a full fledged military official. Military training is considered as one of the toughest assignment to crack. The road of performing all the drills and exercises will not be so easy for you. So, as to make you feel comfortable and perform all your drills easily various military trainers and sergeants are available during the whole process to guide you through. The transformation of leading a disciplinary military life from a casual civilian life is pure hardship. Therefore, soldiers like you are forced to take part in these toughest drills and exercises, so as to make you and others like you a disciplinary soldier within a limited time frame. There are lots of training sessions being organized in various military campuses especially to make you a combat fighter through these military training programs one of them is time Bundeshwar soldiers ( in german Zeitsoldaten Bundeswehr ). You should also bore in mind that these senior military officers are not being appointed to make friendship. So, you must follow their instructions is the best disciplinary manner. If you take them for granted or if in any way break the punctuality among the whole platoon, then seriously you are in deep trouble. The next moment you will find yourself running 100 rounds of the military campus in the scorching sun as a punishment. You may get negative marking from your military trainer also. So, as to stay away from these you need to follow a simple step, e.g., punctuality. Being soldiers on time ( in german Soldaten auf Zeit ) will automatically make a mark for you on the eyes of your trainer. He can motivate the platoon, by giving reference to how discipline and punctual are you. These have many negative reputations as many military stories being spread as a cheap publicity against you. So, stay away from these cheap publicities. Always remember that these military training programs are specifically designed to remain discipline. So the hour for the training varies to transform an average person of today like you to a disciplinary of tomorrow. Time is the primary key during these military training programs. Punctuality helps you to learn that only. It is also being regarded as a special norm in performing the training. No soldiers are allowed to break these norms. If he tries to break these norms then he may face harsh military action, even a court marshal. Unpunctual soldiers are not being allowed in military. Being late can been excused one or two times, but if you are late always, prior noticing your seniors, clearly shows your negative attitude which these officials ill-effort to tolerate. You should remember that you are a member of your platoon and coming late from you side can affect in the performance of your whole platoon. They may be stay awaited for long which can be like a punishment. So, try to be punctual during the entire training procedure and once you become a full fledged military official then you will realize and also mark a difference among what you were earlier before joining the military and what military strictness had done to you today. I am sure you will forget all your hardship days of training and relish the present moment. Time, often we do not pay attention to this concept. Moreover, often we believe that time is endless and we do not care what time it is and what time will take some activity. As a result, we do not do our work on time, we may be late, and we may simply waste carelessly our time. However, such an attitude to time may be crucial and lead to disastrous effects. This is why being on time is of a paramount importance and knowing it perfectly well. First of all, I should say that...
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