Being on Time

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Being on time and in the right uniform is key in the military. This can range from duty details, appointments, and especially during a deployment. For duty details it matters for the purpose of getting tasks done on time. Without proper order and discipline such duty tasks would never get done. The Army thrives and stays a well-oiled machine as long as every soldier does what they are tasked out to do. Being on time is probably the most essential item in the military. It can go from being at the company at the right time, or getting out of a fire fight with the enemy in the time needed.

Being on time is connected with the 7 army rights. One of the Army rights are Integrity. Not only is being on time doing the right thing, but its also mandatory. If your or not on time to a specific task then all it does it prolong the outcome time or possibly cause your team to fail or not get off on time. 99.9% of the time u are given a time line on when to complete a certain task which is pretty much giving you the answer to the test. Timelines are given to keep order and accountability. Without time lines duties will not get completed in a decent time to open up time to get more tasks done. Spending all day to complete a simple 2-3 man task is not the standard. Not showing up for an assigned task is also bad. Not showing up or being able to be reached is a possible AWOL. Loyalty is also a big play in the teamwork of being on time. If you are not loyal to your team then there’s no way you can be loyal anywhere else. Your team relies on you as much as you rely on them. Which as all a part of the well-oiled Army machine.
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