What part does competition play in people's daily life

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What part does competition play in people's daily lives?

Playing sports is a necessary habit in everyone’s ordinary life. Playing sports not only improves our health and wellbeing but it also teaches us important lessons of our daily lives. Tennis, Cricket, Football and Basketball are kinds of sports which require more physical ability while chess and poker are the types of sports that require more mental skills. Different sports teach us many lessons of life while keeping us healthy and active.

Playing sports not only conditions the body, but also builds social skills, confidence and skills required in everyday living. Take playing basketball for example, in order to play, you must learn how to dribble the ball, how to shoot and most importantly, how to pass the ball to your team mate with success. This builds teamwork by showing that working together will achieve much more than working alone. When playing sport, the results may not be as important as the experience you would have gained, which will greatly influence your life quality and the way you handle things. Sport teaches us basic principles of daily life which are required to succeed in a job too. Passing the ball to a team mate to win as a team is like working with your colleagues to succeed at work, shooting a goal is like doing your part for the team and dribbling the ball past the opposition is like overcoming hurdles you will face in your life.

Sports that require more mental skills such as chess and poker teach you logical thinking and how to keep a calm mind in difficult situations that arise in life. In chess for example, you must carefully plan every move to outsmart your opponent. When there is an intense situation, you can’t afford to be nervous or anxious, you must have a calm mind and make decisions on how to tackle the problem. The same goes for real life. Winning in sports gives you an abundance of confidence which inspires you to keep playing and makes you feel good about...
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