What Motivational S

Topics: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Management Pages: 5 (1225 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Druga gimnazija, Sarajevo
IB Diploma Programme

Extended essay
Business and Management Standard Level
TOPIC : Human Resource Management

Research question
What motivational methods “Bosnalijek” might apply to increase employees’ motivation and improve performance?

Word count: 3546

Supervisor : Dzenana Rustempasic

Candidate name: Adna Hodzic
Candidate number: 001258-015

Sarajevo, December 2009.

|Title page |1 pg. | |Table of contents |2 pg. | |Abstract |3 pg. | |Introduction |5 pg. | |Investigation |6 pg. | |Conclusion |19 pg. | |Appendices |21 pg. | |References |22 pg. | |Bibliography |23 pg. |


Bosnalijek is a pharmaceutical company that operates within Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider. I will examine aspects of good but also of bad sides of their business. Through this paper I want to show their moral, ethical, social values, also the quality of their products but most important, their employees and the way Bosnalijek management has regulated and protected their highly qualified employees, if they are satisfied and motivated for further development.

Through my extended essay I want to reach high levels of manipulative and communicative skills. Hopefully, I will deepen my background knowledge about motivation among employees, as this is one of main topics of this paper. By using relevant, appropriate and tested information I will deduce conclusions that will be product of whole investigation. I put a challenge in front of myself, to show how one company as “Bosnalijek” can improve their managerial and motivation styles in order to increase satisfaction among employees but also to create better work surrounding and higher profit.

Through my resources as questionnaire, interview, SWOT, PEST analysis, mission and vision statement, different articles, financial reports… I will try to give commentary which will be completely objective and not biased neither to Bosnalijek employees nor their managers. Although Bosnalijek is one of the most influent pharmaceutical company in Bosnia and Herzegovina with almost perfect organization among departments, with high standards and quality of equipment and products, with young people willing to cooperate, to be trained in order to gain more and more knowledge which will help their further development, not only as individuals but also as whole company, there are always possible improvements and I will try to show that beside what they are in public, they have internal problems, such as motivational problems which can be solved through different motivational strategies and methods.

Word count: 300


In new, globalized economy companies which want to develop and prosper have to realize that people are their...

References: ¹ and ² "Misija i vizija kompanije." Bosnalijek d.d. Web. 27 Dec. 2009. .
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