Motivation Concepts

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Motivation Concepts

Keydra Tyner

PSY 320

August 18, 2010

Keisha Pou, LPC

Motivation Concepts

Sigmund Freud, a Jewish Austrian neurologist that developed a wonderful theory in 1915 that stated all behavior is motivated and that the primary purpose of someone’s behavior was to serve the satisfaction of needs. This serves to be true in two or more situations in the common workplace. For instance, if company morale is low, there is a very slim chance that the company as a whole will be doing well. People are driven by their need to feel satisfied and wanted at the same time. Therefore, when others exhibit behavior that is non-favorable, it is most likely due to their lack of being satisfied. Behavior can either be motivated in a positive and negative direction.

In the workplace, there can be instances where positive behavior is demonstrated in receipt of rewards for doing well or just simply being an employee. Everyone enjoys and desires to be appreciated. Therefore, Freud’s theory believes that it is our human nature to feel appreciated and then the appropriate behavior will be exhibited. For instance, if there is a department of call center representatives who are restricted from taking breaks when desired, required to take a certain amount of calls throughout the day, and their quality is constantly being monitored, they are more prone to exhibit negative behavior. What motivates them to do better? Possibly, ordering lunch every now and again to show appreciation, allowing them to choose their lunch times for an entire week, or dressing casually every time it is someone’s birthday.

These types of incentives allow people to do well and behave in a favorable manner. Once people see that they are appreciated they become a lot easier to work with and the productivity will definitely increase. Increasing the productivity level will be reflective within the entire department and all will look good due to the group effort....

References: Civilization and Its Discontents. Sigmund Freud, Christopher Hitchens, Peter Gay.
August 2010. pp.22-189.
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