What Makes an Effective Executive

Topics: Management, Peter Drucker, Effective executive Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: April 11, 2010
Karrie Sebring
BU531: Session 2
Harvard Article Review
“What Makes an Effective Executive?” by Peter F. Drucker What is this article about as a whole? There is no science on how to improve effectiveness; effectiveness is a disciple and therefore can be learned by anyone. Drunker concludes that you don’t have to be a leader or possess specific personalities, strengths, values or beliefs to be an effective executive. Utilizing the following eight simple practices allows executives to be effective: Asking, “What needs to be done?”

Asking, “What is right for the enterprise?”
Developing action plans
Taking responsibility for decisions
Taking responsibility for communicating
Focusing on opportunities rather than problems
Running productive meetings
Speaking as “We” rather than “I”
The first two practices give executives the knowledge they need. The next four help them convert this knowledge into effective action. The last two ensure that the whole organization feels responsible and accountable. What are the essential points in this article? Executives need to ask what is right for the enterprise, rather than what is right for the owners, stock price, the employees or the executives. Asking this question does not guarantee the correct decision will be made; however failure to ask this question will nearly guarantee the wrong decision. Knowledge is useless until it has been translated into actions but actions need to first be planned to identify possible restraints and implications. The action plan should be a statement of intention rather than commitment and should be revised often because every success and failure creates new opportunities. The action plan needs to have a system for checking results against expectations. Lastly, the action plan has to become the basis for the executive’s time management, which is an executive’s most scarce and valuable resource....
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