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Task 12
1.1 Reflect on own personal skills and against professional standards.2
1.2 Evaluate own development needs and the activities required to meet them.3
1.3 Personal and professional development plan based on the identified needs.4
1.4 Reflect on own development against original aims and set in the personal and professional development plan.5
Task 25
2.1 How would you as the Director of Research and development : communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels to instill confidence in your subordinate who will be reporting directly to you?5

2.2 How would you as a Director demonstrate effective time management strategies that the new appointee can emulate you?6
Task 3 Working in GLF requires the understanding of team dynamics and willingness to be part of the team. Therefore:7
3.1 Analyse team dynamics, discussing the roles people play in a team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals in GLF.7
3.2 Discuss alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals.7
Task 48
4.1 Review tools and methods for developing solutions to problems.8
4.2 Develop an appropriate strategy for selecting the right candidate for the position of Head in Research in GLF.9
4.3 Evaluate the potential impact the above strategies will have on the company.10

The aim of this assignment is the director to choose a new head of research for Great Lakes Food, which is a large snack food company. The new head’s duties will be to report all the issues directly to the director and to be responsible for developing and testing new products. There are about 200 people employed in the research division of Great Lakes Food, and the head that will be chosen has to be the best of these 200 employees, because the chief executive and the board of GLF are giving pressure to the director to improve the company’s growth and productivity. There are three candidates identified for the position and all the three of them have the same managerial level. Alexa Smith is one of the candidates, she started working for GLF while she was in secondary school, she has changed ten position since she started working for the company, which includes manager of new product marketing, she is creative and insightful, she has also developed and brought four different product lines, she also has really good IT skills. However Alexa needs constant validation from the director that she is doing well. Another candidate is Kelsey Metts, who has being working for GLF for five years. Now she is working as manager of quality control for established products. Kelsey has a reputation of a really positive thinking person. She also received her MBA at Harvard University, graduating at the top of her class, she also brought two new product lines to the market, another benefit are her strong oral and written communication skills. The problem about Kelsey is that she can be quite aggressive though she maintains that she is only being assertive. The third, but not last candidate is Thomas Santiago who has been working for Great Lakes food for 10 years and upper managers often consult with him regarding strategic planning and corporate direction setting. He has very strong analytical skills. Thomas contributed a lot with establishing the vision for GLF, another positive about Thomas is that he believes in the values of GLF and actively promotes its mission. He is a hard-working and honest man, employees who work under him consistently report that they feel they can trust him to be fair and consistent. He also has been instrumental to bringing three new successful product lines to the market. However, Thomas has a problem with time keeping and deadlines meetings. Task 1

1.1 Reflect on own personal skills and against professional standards. A director of a Research and Development company should have setting objectives skill or also...

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