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Topics: Psychology, ANGEL Learning, Learning management system Pages: 8 (1932 words) Published: May 15, 2013

Minca Davis-Brantley, PsyD

Office: Social Sciences Department 2256-6
Web address:


Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:55AM to 8:25AM
*Dr. Davis-Brantley is available in her physical office as well as, available via Skype (Skype name: mincadb) and Google Talk Instant Messenger (IM Name: drminca1) during office hours.


Ooten, Cheryl (2003). Managing the Mean Math Blues. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

Abascal, J.R., Brucato, L., Stephenson, P., & Brucato, D. (2009). Essential Elements for effectiveness: A step by step guide to personal and professional effectiveness (4th edition). Boston: Pearson Custom.


The psychological principles and techniques we will apply in this course are useful in all areas of your life: personal, professional, social, and emotional contexts. In this learning community we will specifically apply the psychological concepts, techniques, and strategies to improve your success in mathematics. We will focus on using the techniques and strategies of psychology to reduce math anxiety, foster confidence and improve outcomes.

Students in the learning community must register for all three courses to enhance flexibility of time usage, foster cohesion, and a sense of belongingness among students and forge links between the disciplines studied.

While the emphasis early in the course will be primarily on success attitudes and strategies in math, we will expand our focus to include understanding the psychological principles and applying strategies in the areas of personal awareness, interpersonal relations, communication, and work/career development. Throughout the course we will examine learning to learn, active listening, communication skills, creative thinking, problem solving, stress mastery, goal-setting, self-motivation, group effectiveness skills, and leadership.



CLP 1006 (LC)


COURSE COMPETENCIES provide information regarding the scope, capacity, and content of this course, skills to be developed, and materials by which the student will be evaluated. The course competencies for this course include:

1. Exploration of theoretical perspectives regarding personal effectiveness by: a. Describing an overview of the major theoretical approaches to personality and behavior b. Analyzing the theory of self-concept and the factors involved in it’s development c. Distinguishing the causes and characteristics of high and low self-esteem and the relationship of these to behavior d. Discovering the holistic nature of humankind including the cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical influences on behavior

2. Learning to manage stress by:
a. Demonstrating an understanding of stress, it’s sources, and the physiological, psychological, and behavioral outcomes b. Applying effective stress management theory
c. Demonstrating effective self-management in the use of resources such as time, money, and personal assets

3. Understanding the theories of healthy and successful relationships by: a. Describing how these theories apply to family, friends, social groups, work teams, and culturally diverse groups b. Practicing effective verbal and nonverbal communication c. Applying effective listening skills

d. Applying theories related to assertive behavior
e. Practicing conflict resolution skills and analyzing the process

4. Understanding the changing nature of the world of work by: a. Exploring future occupational and academic trends b. Using knowledge and skills of personal and interpersonal effectiveness to achieve career related goals c. Valuing diversity in the workplace...
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