What Make You Happy

Topics: Psychology, Positive psychology, Cognition Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: June 1, 2013
What make you happy? The answers to this is different from one to others. In my opinion, knowledge, positive thinking and self-confidence are primary factors bring me happiness. First of all, knowledge is increasing continuous together with fast developing life. Information is invaluable and tremendous and the more knowledge I attain, the more interesting I find in this world. When I do not grasp anything, I see how poor knowledge I have and I try to get as much as I can. I am interested in discovering new information to keep pace with this life. Information not only on TV, internet, newspaper…. , but also in my real life, life – experience, soft – skills improves my unlimited curiosity. Secondly, life will be better if I have positive thinking. I think negative thinking will fulfill my mind with deadlock and how I deal with the problem is restricted. I cope with difficulties by means of simplifying, getting rid of negative aspects and soon find out the most appropriate solutions. Thinking more helps me to see the problem in many aspects and easier to get the right answers as well as being more mature. Positive thinking gives me a life more comfortable and more interesting. Self – confidence is the third factor makes me happy. Self – confidence gives me belief in myself more as well as my capability. I am not content with what I have and always on the course to improve myself but I believe in my abitity. Seft - confidence is the key to get success, get on well with my relationship. I think three factors I have listed is what make me happy. Actually, I realize them through my daily life. What make people happy is nothing too remote but close thing.
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