Cause of Happiness

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Cause of happiness

Happy is a characterized by feeling of enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. It is a state of being that everyone wants to achive. Personally, I suppose there are three main factors that make me lead to happiness: Family, health, and work. Family will give you peace and power, without health your life will meaningless, and working can enrich your life and making you feel high self-esteemed.

First of all, everybody have to have a family to be happy. Just having a family can give you happiness althought many people do not realize the fact. For me, whatever I do, or whenever I go, as time goes by, I could manage that everything quite well alone without my family. I need someone gave me more brave or power to have confident when I met anyone or I faced something new.It is believe that my family is my driving force in my life.

Another important thing that make us happy would be health. Have you noticed that people without health or wealth always wish for better health, however people with health only wish for health? In fact, what is the use of a very expensive house or car or success in carrier if you are not healthy? Only when someone has become serious ill do people realize the true importance of their health and the health of their friends and family. Thus, it stands to reason that health leads to happiness much more than wealth. Therefore, health is more important than wealth.

Finally, people need to work to have a happy life. Achieving job satisfaction result in feeling of contentment. Have a good job, earn money and you can get whatever you want. Besides, when you having a job, no matter what it is, you can build a high level of self-esteem and have a confidence deep in your mind. This whole process will make you feel happy.

It is believe that you should have a close relationship with your family members, try to stay healthy and have a job to lead a happy life. Because family will always be your side, giving you peace and

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