What Is Writing

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What is writing?
I think writing in the written expression of thoughts and ideas. It does not have to make sense to the mass or have to be in complete sentences. It only has to be relevant to the writer. However, I feel there are stipulations. When I was asked to “write” my alphabet, I was not actually writing? I was copying or transcribing. Writing I feel must be original thoughts. When asked to “write” the alphabet, that is not an original thought, not a thought at all honestly.

How do you think writing develops?
Writing develops as a person grows and begins to understand the concept of writing. I also feel writing develops as the reader also begins to grasp the concept of reading. Reading and writing truly are interconnected and if a person struggles with one, they may enjoy the other or become as polished as one would with the strength in both reading and writing. So to truly develop writing, one must be fluent in reading. To go along with that is the old saying, “practice, practice, practice”. One cannot solely rely on their so-called talent for writing. One must continue to push and reach past the comfort boundaries in order to see where one can truly reach within his/her writing potential.

What do you think is important in good effective writing instruction? Why? I feel the most important aspect is the concept of originality and there is no wrong writing. By giving students the freedom to explore different aspects of writing, will enhance them finding their writing niche. Just as within everything else in life, no two students learn the same. By having a plethora of writing styles and prose for students to explore, it may open avenues never even imagined in students.

What do you hope to learn in this class about teaching writing? I mostly want to learn how to get students interested in writing. So many students view writing as a punishment because many of them see themselves as bad writers or they do not possess the...
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