What is Data Management? What are some of the difficulties that organizations face when managing data?

Topics: Data management, Data mining, Data warehouse Pages: 4 (707 words) Published: May 19, 2014

What is Data Management? What are some of the difficulties that organizations face when managing data? How can data warehousing, online transactional databases and data mining assist with these difficulties?

May 18, 2014
Kendra L Thompson

ITEC 6111: Information Technology in the Organization
Professor Mello Star

Just as cars need fuel, so does organizations, when it comes to data it serves as fuel to many organizations. Without the use of data, organizations would probably “go under” pretty quickly, since mainly every process within the organization is dependent on its data. Data is a mission-critical because it (Control, 2008): Influences the decision making process

Gives risk management power
Offer understanding into products, services, markets, counterparties and customers With that in mind, organizations should always cease to ensure that their data is eagerly managed. With the market changing, the process of data management is becoming more complex and the capacity of data to be managed is steadily increasing, this is sometimes referred to as “big data”. Big data is used in understanding organizations and their decision making process; when decisions are made, they are based on complex data transactions which have become difficult to the system that are using basic database and warehouse management systems (Vael, 2013). This causes many data management difficulties such as an increase in data, immature decision making, legal issues and data securing and integrity to name a few, but they can easily be reduced or resolved by the use of the following: 1. Data warehousing, allows organizations to generate and combined a view of its readiness data for analysis, reporting and decision making 2. Online Transactional Databases, utilize applications that manage changing data, performing real-time data transactions. 3. Data mining, the practice of encapsulating analyzed data from various perspectives into useful information. In data...

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