What Is Culture

Topics: Islam, Culture, Religion Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: May 24, 2013
In society today there are different meanings to culture in the English language culture is the most difficult word it means buildings and civilization. In French the culture relates to art and in German it refers to a high culture , A very simple meaning of culture is sharing ways of behavior , thinking and beliefs it is not inherited it’s something you learn from your family, friends and workplace . A person’s nature cannot be assumed as culture, cultures are integrated it is mainly based on symbols. The characteristic of cultures is the interaction and change that occurs, culture includes race, ethnicity, age, gender and etc. According to the article what is culture , the term culture was first used by the anthropologist named Edward B. Taylor in the book he had writing which was called “Primitive culture” he referred culture as art, beliefs. Knowledge, a person’s morals, and law and habits of both men and women in a society ever since Taylor’s time culture has been a main focus material for anthropology. Certain aspects of culture are manmade stuff, different types of written languages, governments, rules and regulations. The languages of different countries show how they are apart from one another and which characteristics such as their clothing, food they eat, way of talking, and the accent. Every person has their own culture and beliefs like in India the people over there believe in more than God for example Vishnu, durga, Shiva, Lakshmi, sarasvati and etc. Whereas over here in America we believe god is one for all, In Muslim religion people believe in Islam and they believe Allah is their god and Muhammad is the messenger of god. Even though I was born here I believe in Allah because my family is from Pakistan and they taught me as a child that Allah is my god and Islam is my religion, they taught me how to read the holy book called Quran , raising a child in a certain way is a human cultural trait . Pakistan is very different than American culture...
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