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Topics: Culture, Value, Sociology Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: April 15, 2013
1. No she should back out the deal. Not only is it illegal but it’s stupid as well. The point is to make a profit. Spending ridiculous un-needed money is hurtful to the company. If another customer finds out it’s bad, if the government finds out it’s bad, all around it’s a bad situation. Not only that, but you risk damaging your good image by doing business with a business that is ultimately corrupt. You don’t need to bribe clients to take you’re your business. Your product and customer service should be enough. 2. Personally I would first off sit down with French company and discuss the matter with them and see what their plan was as it’s their customer not ours (yet). If it was under my authority I would sit down with the let them know that we value their business but would not even discuss anything unethical. If they moved on, we’d survive. 3. I believe they should exhaust every avenue to try and continue. Company image is one of the best marketing you can have. Saying that, I also believe in being smart with the money. So, ultimately if it’s not possible money wise, and after exhausting all means to keep it, I would cut the local community money.

1.What is meant by the term culture? In what way can measuring attitudes about the following help diffrentiate between cultures: centralized or decentralized decision making, safety or risk, individual or group rewards, high or low organizational loyalty, coopera- tion or competition? Use these attitudes to compare the United States, Germany, and Japan. Based on your comparisons, what conclusions can you draw regarding the impact of culture on behavior?

a. The term culture refers to the customs, behaviors, and values a society holds. It is something that is learned by be people as they grow within a specific society. We are all integrated into our respective cultures. Also culture is ever changing and adapting with time. In some cultures the decision-making is in the sole responsibility of...
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