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Culture can be basically defined as a pattern of learned behavior and ideas acquired by people as members of society. Culture was created in order to accommodate human beings in different society and establish their identity. Culture is not accustomed to one specific characteristic. It has a multiple dimensions. The way we talk, dress, eat, sleep, work and our knowledge and skills can be accustomed to our culture. These human manners are not uniform all over the place so, they change over time and space. Thus anthropologists have distinguished different cultural traditions different from one another with very thin line between them. And in the course people share, burrow and practice culture from one other. Cultural practices have become inevitable part of human being because we have become biologically dependent on culture for our own survival. For example human beings are not born with some natural instincts. In fact we depend upon the support, nurture and culture of our surroundings to survive. And by learning the cultural practice of the place we live in, we become mature enough to make rational decision and act for our own survival.
Similarly culture is also a evolutionary practice which began some millions years ago. Early primates invented the practice of washing potatoes, cracking nuts, fetching water, making tools etc. And their descendents gradually continued these practices, created other cultures and became more dependent on them. These behavioral similarities between animal and human can justify how our culture evolved. Moreover anthropologist Rick Potts have distinguished five element of cultural foundation through which culture evolved 1) Transmission, copying behavior by observation, 2) memory, memorizing new behavior, 3) reiteration, imitate learned behavior, 4) innovation, invent new behavior 5) selection, select which behavior to keep and which to discard.
Similarly human cultures are also vulnerable to different external

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