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  • Muslims

    The Muslims were very intelligent people. They tried themselves in every which way. Muslims worked their way around many things to get to what they wanted to learn. The Muslims accomplished and contributed many things; they had many achievements such as math‚ art‚ and poetry; their contributions highly impacted the world. The Muslims were very good at math. Al-Khwarizmi was a mathematician he studied many Indian resources and wrote an algebraic textbook in the 800’s (Document 4). This book was

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  • A True Muslim

    A True Muslim The follower of Islam is called Muslim. To be a Muslim is a great blessing of Allah. A Muslim who sincerely acts upon all the teachings of Islam is called a true Muslim. In a hadith‚ it was once asked from Rasulullah (SAW): “How will I know that I have become a Mumin?” Rasulullah (SAW) answered: “When your heart feels satisfied because of any of your good act and mourns about any of your wrong doing‚ then know‚ you have become a true Muslim‚ i.e.‚ Mumin.” To us both of the terms

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  • Muslims Are Not Terrorists

    muslims are peace lovers With all due respect this is to inform the whole world‚ that as it is a misconecption about muslims that muslims are spreading terror all over the world in the way of suicide bombing‚ which all of the non muslims has named as "JIHAD"‚ but i would like to make it very clear to all of you that islam is a religion of peace and it teaches the most peace full ways of living‚ ALLAH is most beloved to his creatures in this world even more then the love of 70 mothers and our beloved

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  • Muslim Mosque

    On August 17‚ 2013‚ I finally decided to visit a Muslim mosque. The building is situated by itself on the corner of a residential neighborhood. As I entered the mosque‚ I experienced a great and almost uncomfortable difference in religion. Two Muslim women greeted me at the door. After explaining my reason for the visit‚ the two women stated that they would show me around the mosque and discuss their religion with me. Before entering the prayer hall‚ I was instructed to take

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  • A True Muslim

    To be a good Muslim is. indeed‚ a great blessing of Allah. The follower of Islam is called a Muslim. A true Muslim has a firm belief in Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He believes that Allah is the light of heaven and earth. It is his faith that Allah is the Creator of everything in the universe and is the Lord of the Day of Judgment. He believes that Allah is aware of his doing and actions. He avoids evil actions because he knows that he will be held answerable for his deeds

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  • Muslims in the Philippines

    At the outset‚ let me greet you Assalamu Alaikom‚ a Muslim’s way to wish an everlasting peace be upon us all. Eight years ago‚ I asked my father a question that aroused from my curiosity. I said‚ “Amacolay‚ what makes us different from them who you call Christians?” My mother was out there too listening to our conversation and all I’ve got was a stare from both of them. It took some while before they have come up with an answer to give me. Papa then said‚ “That piece of clothing covering your

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  • Muslim Culture

    The term ‘Muslim culture’ is used generally to represent many diverse Muslim cultural groups‚ There are more than a billion Muslims all over the world‚ each with their own variation on customs and traditions but they still share a common Muslim culture. (Anon‚ 2015) This culture is rooted in the mutual belief that there is no other God than Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. Most customs and traditions might be motivated more by culture than by religion. These diverse expressions of similar

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  • Muslim Beliefs

    In Islam‚ the beliefs have primary position; they are the roots‚ and the practices are branches that are dependent for their existence on the roots. The primary belief is that of the Unity and Supreme Sovereignty of Allah‚ the Almighty‚ the Everpresent‚ the Everlasting‚ the All-knowing. Allah is Just. He sent prophets to convey His message. He ordained a Day of Judgement when the deeds of His creatures will be measured and rewarded or punished accordingly. Belief in Allah‚ therefore‚ entails belief

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  • Muslim Attitudes to Marriage

    Muslim Attitudes to Marriage In Islam‚ marriage is a partnership. Muslim women accept only Allah as their master‚ and do not therefore consider themselves to be inferior to a husband. It is basic in Muslim society that the man is responsible for the family’s welfare and business outside the home‚ but the woman has virtually absolute rights within it so long as her behaviour does not shame her provider or husband. No institution works well without a clear leader‚ and therefore there should

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  • Muslim Religion Paper

    | The Muslim Religion | Marlia J. Kegler | | Hum 130 Religions of the World | Professor John L. Meeks | | Religion has become one of the biggest diverse topics in today’s society. Throughout the last weeks we have taken the journey to learn about different religions and in this paper I will attempt to take you on that journey with me learning about the Muslim religion. The Muslim religion dates all the way back to 570 BC when the prophet Muhammad was said to be born. Muhammad

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