What Is Critical Thinking

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What is Critical Thinking?
September 21, 2012
Courtney Connelly

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the ability to understand a concept fully, and not taking sides of an issue, while not being convinced by your own mind; or any fraudulent reports use to promote any topic or theory. When we critically think we are taking a multitude of steps to make the best possible decision. Some of these steps include our beliefs and claims. Our decisions reflect our conclusions, so we must think critically to come to correct conclusions (Moore & Parker, 2012). Another important factor is the issues, which could just be a question to our self, a question to someone else, or a piece of physical evidence. We have to carefully analyze these facts to help achieve the decision. We also have the arguments, now the argument can both be an internal argument such as the “what-ifs”, or this could be in a simple conversation piece with someone that has different views then we do. Bias is another major factor, we must control our personal bias as we can easily fall victim to bandwagons, negativity as well as the false consensus effects. Many people critically think without knowing the actual terminology of the process. Although not knowing the actual terminology may not nessciarly change the way you critically think, it will most certainly help in obtaining the best possible outcome. I feel this because many people will see a solid start point, as a well as an end point. Critical thinking will not nessciarly give you the positive answers that you want, it will however show you some of the negative aspects of that particular topic. With gaining that knowledge it will enable you to make the best possible decision regarding that aspect.


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