What Is Critical Thinking

Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Reasoning Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: January 28, 2013
What Is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking can occur within any given subject field, As the text book stated in Chapter one, “critical thinking” is not synonymous with good thinking,” “hard thinking,” “clear thinking,” “constructing arguments,” problem solving,” or “thinking outside the box. “Critical thinking kicks in after you have done these and other kinds of thinking.Critical thinking is the purposeful and reflective judgment about what to believe and what to do in response to the observations, experience, verbal or written expressions or arguments. Critical thinking is a well-defined term. It is not subject to the miss-interpretation of people who do not know exactly what it means, again, in my opinion. Critical thinking, as I understand it, and also believe to be accurate, is examining presented information for both internal and external consistency with what is known. It is the spotting of miss-information in that way. You take facts and events without using your personal opinions or feeling. You must rely on reason and follow the evidence, we must think about our own thinking. A person who develops these critical thinking skills is able to raise vital questions and problems about the issues. The critical thinker gathers and evaluates information that is relevant to the question or problem at hand and is able to use abstract ideas to interpret these questions or problems effectively. In Chapter one in the text book for this course in my understanding, Critical thinking is the process of deducing events and statements logically and drawing a conclusion that best fits the scenario. Critical thinking requires comprehension and excellent communication skills.
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