Describe Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking
Cheryl Bell
University of Phoenix
MGT 350
April 05, 2010
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Describe Critical Thinking
Use critical thinking in keeping the client safe and secure. Clients must be in the facility Sunday – Thursday by 11:30 pm., Friday – Saturday by 1:00 am. Client expected to attend ALL life skills classes (only excused if you have school or work; in those instances, you must show proof). Chores must be completed everyday by 10:00 pm:

• Garbage taken out every night and no dishes left in the sink over night. • The microwave and refrigerator should be clean out every Saturday. In order for the clients to receive their checks, each person must complete the following: • Complete chores everyday

• Attend all life skills sessions (unless excused)
• In the house by curfew, (curfew is considered late after a minute). Whenever a client does not received their allowance for any reasons, the money will be put into their emancipation fund. Clients need to keep an eye on their children at all times. That means if your child is in the living room, then the client should be in the living room with him/her child. If the client baby is not in the facility, staff needs to know the following: • When the child is away (name of the person and the client or the baby’s relationship to that person) • Address

• Phone number
• When the child will return
Clients are limited to five personal calls a day, no more than 15 minutes long. There will be no phone calls after 11:30 pm (including weekends). Under no circumstances clients are not to answer phones because this is a place of business even If you know who the person is on the phone. Although, clients may have their own personal phone, clients still need to be respectful to staff and other clients when talking on the phone. Do not be loud, or use foul language. The house manager will give out bus passes and each client is...
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