What Effects Do the Fashion Industry Have on Eating Disorders?

Topics: Fashion, Anorexia nervosa, Karl Lagerfeld Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: April 19, 2013
What effects do the fashion industry have on eating disorders?

Picture the most beautiful teen model you have ever seen. Picture this someone as tall, super skinny, flawless skin and a very outgoing personality. Now picture Ella Jeffery. She is the exact opposite. Ella lacks confidence in everything she does. Maybe it is down to the fact that she is constantly tormented at school or because she is not exactly supermodel material as she suffers from both obesity and acne. As a result of the bullying Ella chooses to comfort eat. While she sits slouched down on the living room sofa browsing through a fashion magazine, she fantasises over the skinny models that are splattered over the of the glossy pages. Ella begins to sob and yet again she resorts to another packet of fatty, cheese and onion crisps. So what effects do the fashion industry have on eating disorders?

When you think of a supermodel you automatically assume that the model is tall and ridiculously skinny in comparison to an average woman of the same height. A normal woman within the height range of 5’10 to 5’11 should weigh between 142-150 pounds. A model of this height would however weigh between 120-124 pounds.No wonder thin models are constantly blamed for encouraging eating disorders. Becoming successful in the fashion industry is very unlikely. With a 98% rejection rate thousands of potential models are each year are turned down, not because of the model’s looks but their ability to grasp an audience. When agencies scout for models they look for a tall girl with a minimum height of 5’8. Secondly, they should effectively have a BMI of 18-19. The potential model must have a simple face which is not to glamourous as the designers do not want the audience’s attention to be on the models face but on the designer’s clothes. The models must have the ability to draw attention and bring across a quirky attitude while posing for the camera. The hips of a model should also measure between 86.5-89cm...
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