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represent the super thin look and it is part of the requirement to be a model, however there are many types of modeling agencies in America; every agency includes one or more types of modeling. The goals of models in America leave unhealthy images imprinted in the minds of children in today’s society. It is much more than a job, it is a way of life which consists of nothing but working harder each day to reach their goal or goals. Models are being harmed by the emphasis on being thin and it needs to stop...

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role model

Role models who others imitate, emulate or look to for guidance. There are good role models who inspire greatness in others and bad role models of what we call a "bad influence." There are even anti-role models, pegged by the media as "bad girls" or "bad boy" is a good example of what NOT to do if you want to be successful, respected. Every parent wants their children to have positive role models who have characteristics that inspire them to want to be (and become) their best. While there is some...

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Anorexic Models

ANOREXIC MODELS (AND HOW GIRLS LOOK UP TO THEM) The world of fashion has always been filled with glamour and glitz and perfection. Celebrities and models being surrounded by the paparazzi almost everyday of their lives and being present at the most prestigious functions, not to forget being featured on the covers of those oh-so-glossy fashion magazines and billboards all over town. Lifestyles of the rich and famous – something that every pre-teen and teenage girl wants. Flipping through fashion...

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Pseudo Models

Pseudo-models Thanks to the media and the model agencies, a considerable number of young ladies are pumped out last summer. Right before June, some of these nameless girls were ordinary students like you and me. Some were working part-time and some were idling the days away. These girls, aged between 17 to at most 24, appear to be a different kind of models—what we now call the pseudo-models. Not receiving much education, they can still earn a lot, which brings them criticisms of setting bad examples...

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Model School

month), FTV.com (1 mil visitors per month), a Facebook page (1,000,000 fans) and more. In the top 300 media online. FashionTV represents Chic style, dynamic attitude, fresh and hip music, FashionTV symbolizes fashion in its true sense. Celebrities, models, designers fashionistas and trendsetters. We get the first the newest trends and share them with our audience. FashionTV viewers are considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among all media consumers, who not only...

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Role Model

10 ACC March 10th, 2011 Role Model From the day we where all born we watched and observed everything on front of us. We watched our family, classmates, television, Internet and everybody around us. Role models have a great affect in our society. A role model must have the ability to show leadership, planned out ideas, and able to make a difference in the society. Role models have a dramatic affect on future generation of young minds. The influences of a role models have on young people are great...

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Mental Models

Mental models are ways in which an individual processes information in there minds. Psychologist Kenneth Craig suggested that individuals build small complex models to anticipate events in reality. It is a representation of reality, intuitively perceived by an individual. AAA Transportations and its employees, Vernon and Bud, are having a conflict between each others individual mental models. Vernon, the driver supervisor, and Bud, a corporate worker, have been working for AAA Transportations for...

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Role Model

Characteristics of a Role Model Role models are people who inspire others with their superior qualities and their commitment for a good cause. Here are some main characteristics of a role model. Parents often tell their children about looking up to people who set good examples in their lives. Such people often end up being role models for youngsters or even adults and their habits are often emulated. Positive people can have a positive effect on the lives of others. These role models are often leaders...

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Exploitation of Models

a fashion model. Who wouldn’t enjoy traveling worldwide, getting paid for posing and looking fabulous, meeting and receiving gifts from world famous fashion designers? While this all sounds amazing at first, people seldom know what is beyond the pictures, shows and glamour. The real danger is what occurs behind the scenes of the modeling business. There is a dark side to the fashion modeling industry which involves the exploitation of young models. There are cases of overworking models beyond the...

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Role Models

Being a Role Model Isn’t Always a Choice Celebrities need to take responsibility for their positions as role models Published on October 8, 2013 by Azadeh Aalai, Ph.D. in The First Impression 2 inShare email I always find myself peeved when in the aftermath of negative publicity, or “bad behavior,” celebrities offer the disclaimer that they never set out to be role models. For instance, in the aftermath of her provocative (pornographic?) VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has reportedly stated...

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