What Does Pakistan Means?

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What Does Pakistan Mean?
An old man was asked on a TV program, what does Pakistan mean to you? He replied telling a true story. He said "When I was coming to Pakistan, I saw an old man just like me, he was tired, injured and thirsty. He asked: “Has Pakistan arrived”, I said 'Yes'. He took the soil and kissed it. He asked for water. When I brought water, I saw some crows and a dog beside him. When I came near, the old man had died." The old man interviewed had tears in his eyes then. He said to the interviewer "The eyes who had seen such scenes know what Pakistan means".

In 1965, a report in New York Times said "The success story of Pakistan, its growth since independence is second only to America in all of the nations in the post WWII era." In 1965, Pakistan's exports were more than Indonesia, Maldives, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bhutan and South Korea combined. Experts from South Korea used to come to Pakistan to witness and understand the Green Revolution in Pakistan so that they could replicate this in their region.

Pakistan is 25th biggest economy by size of its GDP, 3rd largest producer of milk, 9th largest producer of wheat and one of the few developing countries to have a per capita income in excess of $1,000. In terms of acreage, Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of Sugarcane. It once had 12% global textile market share in 1970s and its exports were once more than several East Asian economies combined. It is home to a Nobel laureate, designer of Human Development Index (HDI), one of the three Muslim Royal Science Society Fellow and has talent that works in Central America, Middle East & Europe.

Dr. Abdul Salam, from a backward region came and won the Nobel Prize. Roshan Khan said once, just the night before playing World Squash Championship, I was wandering on street because I could not afford the hotel in 1960s. He went on to win that. Jan Sher and Jahangir had record winning streak in Squash for decades. Muhammad Yousuf used to play...
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