Gawadar Port and Sino-Pak Relations

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Gwadar Port and Sino-Pak relations.

Table of Contents:-

a . Introduction

b . Background

c . Historical Location

Chapter #1

a. Pakistan China relations

b. Strategic Cooperation

c. Economic Forecast

Chapter # 2

a. Geographical Importance

b. Advantages of Gwadar Port

Chapter #3

a. China’s Involvement in Gwadar project

b. China’s Gain

Chapter #4

a. Gwadar port as development Project


c. Port Operation



Introduction :-
Gwadar port is located at Gwadar city at the entrance of the Persian Gulf on Arabian Sea and about 460 km west of Karachi from Balochistan , Pakistan . Gwadar port , is a deep –sea warm water port ,being constructed in two phases with heavy investment from china .Gwadar has had huge geostrategic significance on my accounts. In 1993 ,Pakistan started technical and financial feasibilities for the development of Gwadar port . The Gwadar port project started on 22 March 2002a.The first phase has been completed but officials expect the port’s initial three berths to be operational in the later months of 2007 .

Gawadar port was inaugurated on March 19,2007 .Gawadar port is Pakistan’s first deep port that has the capacity to serve virtually all sorts of cargo ships of any size.

Background :-
Gwadar is located on the southwestern coast of Pakistan,close to on the persain Gulf. More than 13 million of oil pass through the strait .It is strategically located between three increasingly important regions : the oil –rich Middle East, heavily populated south Asia and the economically emerging and resource –loaded region of central Asia .The Gwadar port is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenues and create at least 2 million jobs. In 2007 the government of Pakistan handed over port operations to PSA Singapore for 25 years,and gave it the status of a Tax Free Port for the following 40 years . 1 Historical Location :-

The Makran region surrounding Gwadar by ancient Bronze age people which settled in the few oases . It later became the Gedrosia region of the Achaemenid Persian empire .It later became the Gedrosia region empire .It is believed to have been conquered by the founder of the Persian empire ,Cyrus the Great.During the home ward march of Alexander the great ,his admiral ,Nearchus,led a fleet along the modern –day Makran coast and recorded that the area was dry , mountainous, and inhabited by the Ichthyophagoi an Greek rendering of the Persian “Mahi Khoran ’’( which has itself become the modern word “ Makran” ). After the collapse of Alexander’s empire the area was ruled by Seleucus Nicator ,one Of Alexander’s generals .The region then came under “ local rule ” around about 303 BC and the region remained on the sidelines of history for a millennium ,until the Arab – Muslim army of Muhammad bin Qasim captured the town of Gwadar in AD 711 and over the intervening amount of time the area was countested by various powers , including the Mughals the safavids.Portugese explorers captured and sacked gwadar in the late 16th century and this was then followed by almost two centuries of local rule by the various Balochi tribes .In 1783 , the Khan of Kalat granted suzerainty over Gwadar to Taimur Sultan , the defeated ruler of Muscat .This governor was then ordered to control the nearby coastal town of chah Bahar ,where the Gwadar fort was built during Omani rule.In 1958 , the Gwadar farm was transferred to Pakistan . It was then made part of the Balochistan province in 2002 , the Gwadar project was begun in the town .The government of Pakistan intends to develop the entire area in order to reduce its reliance in shipping on the port of Karachi .In addition to expanding port facilities , the projects aims to build...

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