The Agricultural and Industrial Development of Pakistan

Topics: Industry, Agriculture, Private sector Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: April 7, 2013
When Pakistan was formed in 1947 most of the work had to be started from scratch. Most of the land was agricultural land and it had a very few industries. Most of the land was occupied by landlords. There were few semi-handcraft industries. While heavy industry was almost extinct. When sub-continent divided, the country industry and trade were largely under the influence of Hindus, who at the time of division migrated towards Indian territory and they also took the technology with them. That is how Pakistan survived; under such drastic conditions the development was difficult. The country was heavily dependent on imported equipment and the raw materials. Most of the branches of industry were being controlled by foreigners, chiefly British persons. INDUSTRY

When sub-continent divided, Pakistan 9.7% of the total of enterprise and workforce of 6.6%.In the beginning the contribution of industry in Pakistan economy was only 6%, in which 5.9% was manufacturing and 0.1% was by mining. The low share of mining was due to poor processing. Manufacturing industry was dominated by small semi handicraft enterprise based on manual labor. Large scale industry was only 1% and small scale industry had to be created from scratch. The difficult task of building an economic base was left to the state sector because the private sector was too weak and lacked the resources to launch industrial development in the country. The Korean War gave the platform advantage to Pakistan in both agriculture as well as in industrial sector. In 1954, 43% of the value added in the industry was derived from the sextor of primary processing of the agriculture raw material, 30% from cotton industry and 13% from food industry. During the decade of Ayyub Khan the economic strategy was focused on industrialization. Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) was formed to head the industrialization. The purpose of PDIC was to provide funds and...
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