What Diversity Means to Me

Topics: Harshad number, Discrimination, Want Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: September 7, 2012
What Diversity means to me…
Diversity to me is the balance of different cultures, races, sexes, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, disabilities, and many more things. It’s the ability to look at someone else and to realize they are different but not treat as they are. The way you look at others and judge them could be the same way others look at you and judge you and make decisions based on what they do and do not like about you. You would not want someone to do this to you or to treat you unfair so why would you do it to someone else. Diversity is a way of saying yes I know your different from me, but I accept it! I believe everyone has a God given right to be different and unique. Who’s to tell you that the way you are is not right? Maybe it is them that are out of sorts. I don’t think anyone should be judged about how they are or where they are from especially if it is not harmful to something like a job or something. For example, an unbearable odor, or perhaps filthy clothes are at a professional workplace. With that being said if hurtful mishaps are not in place than why are you worried about the next person? If you have time to sit around and criticize people maybe you need to find a hobby or something to occupy your time better. You have to much free time on your hands, are you being paid to criticize? There are thousands of jobs today that discriminate on women in Russia (Where I’m from). Men don’t let the women do certain things because of the fact that they are female. Most of these jobs also pay the women anywhere around five to fifty five percent less than they would pay a man for the same job. It is sad but it is true. I remember a particular paper I read in high school, which described that on average a male lawyer would make around one hundred to one hundred fifty thousand on salary and a female that could have been working longer or the same time would only receive around fifty thousand to ninety thousand. So that would mean that if you...
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