What Are the Reasons of the Teenagers in Smoking

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Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive drug, smokers are aware in this. Even people who haven’t been addicted to smoking at all, why do they take up smoking? What are the reasons? Why they engaged there selves to this kind of habit? Curiousness convinced me to study this problem. One of my objectives in this study is to know how important that reasons of smokers why they used to link and addicted in this habit. It seems obvious that smoking is very bad, and people tell us not to smoke. Yet in everyday life, there are people, especially the teenagers now who scattered everywhere that you see they’re smoking. Nowadays, teenagers have their own way just to please their satisfaction. They’re just aware in the enjoyment that they feel when they smoke without in mind that enjoyment is just a seconds, anytime it can change but the side effects of smoking is a lifetime. Yes you can cure it but it’s not like the way it is.

Background of the Study
They are the students of Technological Institute of the Philippines who take cigarettes. Gradually, the respondents are randomly chosen of their age, sex and program. Statement of the Problem
1. What are the reasons of the respondents in smoking cigarettes? 2. How important their reasons are?
3. Is it enough to engage their selves in this vice?
Significance of the Study
For students who encourage by their friends to try smoking and find also their selves attractive to be one of their friends that already smoking. For the parents who doesn’t know all about their child especially the vices that they been through. Parents must aware of the reasons why their children used to smoke cigarette, so they can avoid the addicted of this teenagers. For the community, to make them aware why teenagers smoke in their young age. To immediately solve or perhaps do something to prevent or lessen those teenagers who start addict in smoking. For future researchers, to give them vast information, relevant data and helpful idea to add to their knowledge and be aware also to the vices that they will encountered. And give them interest to study also this kind of problem. CHAPTER 2

Related Literature
Quality and Brands (local)
FEBRUARY 24, 2013
Tags: cigarettes, smoking
With every measure out there to prevent me from smoking, the hardest part is finding a good brand of cigarettes to smoke. No seriously, it is difficult. Here is why? 1) Nobody smokes anymore. Why? Because it is bad for you and there is huge stigma against smokers. The people who do smoke hide it so you almost never see what brand they smoke. If they are a budget conscious hard-core smoker they likely smoke cheap budget brands that taste as bad as they smell. When I smoked last summer, the first cigarette I had was some iteration of a Benson and Hedges but it was dark, I never saw the pack so I will never know what they were unless I get the chance to ask my friend sometime. I don’t see her very often and she is currently pregnant and probably not smoking. All I know is they had a nice flavour without being harsh and weren’t so strong that I couldn’t handle them, even though I don’t smoke very often. It will be like searching for the Holy Grail, if and when I decide to buy another pack. 2) There are no cigarette ads anymore. That is pretty self explanatory- the pack itself is pretty much the cigarette’s only form of advertising. And people hide their packs because they don’t want people to know they smoke 3) Packs are hidden from view even at the point of sale unless you go to a tobacconist. 4) Cigarettes now have a confusing colour system instead of using words like light or mild. Is black stronger than gold? Is sapphire stronger than green? Actually, I wouldn’t mind the colour system if I could find reliable information on what the cigarettes are like. Long story short, all of the above are barriers to me purchasing good cigarettes. The only thing I know for sure from my last purchase is cheap...
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