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Smoking Cessation for Teenagers

Grant Purpose
The purpose of this grant is to reach teenagers and youth across the state through tobacco prevention education. This education has the purpose of reaching these teenagers in a way where they will be willing to respond and remain nonsmokers or quit if the habit has already been undertaken. The ultimate purpose is to protect and inform teenagers to act as advocates for non smoking and promote tobacco-free lifestyles, as well as provide access to quitting for current teen smokers. Grant Background

Teenagers and young people are the most vulnerable pocket of the population across the country. They are especially susceptible to peer and marketing pressures of for tobacco products. Tobacco companies have historically targeting the teenagers and youth in their marketing campaigns, as this demographic is considered their future and long term customers. The marketing is highly appealing to the young population and the ultimate goal is to get these teens to develop and early and lasting addiction to nicotine. This addiction to tobacco cuts short more lives annually than accidents, suicide, drug overdoses, murder and AIDS combined. It is important that the younger populations are reached early to prevent the future negative effects of tobacco addiction. The proposal for this grant focuses on programs that will address tobacco prevention, engagement and smoking cessation: Peer Education – Develop a program that will train teens as teachers that will reach more of their peers and younger children with tobacco prevention education. This will be done through classrooms and school/community presentations. Youth Engagement – Develop a program that will invite groups of youths from all over the state to compete for grants to support community awareness projects and better advocacy for tobacco policies. There will be training workshops and ongoing support for those who receive the grants. Youth Cessation – Train adult facilitators in schools and communities to address the unique needs of smokers under the age of 18. These adult facilitators will access the smokers and assist in these teenagers in reaching a tobacco free lifestyle. Needs Assessment

Tobacco is currently causing more deaths in the states than accidents, suicide, drug overdoses, murder and AIDS combined. The tobacco use and negative outcomes as a results of the use needs to be addressed, remedied and prevented especially at a young age prior to the addiction beginning. 15% of students currently are smoking cigarettes, while 9% are using forms of oral tobacco. Approximately 1,500 people statewide die from tobacco use each year Currently, 155,000 people statewide are suffering from chronic diseases as a result of tobacco use. Goals, Objectives, Actions, Timeline

The goal is to improve the health and quality of life of the state’s residents by reducing the number of people who use tobacco products. To achieve this goal there needs to be greater education to prevent tobacco use among the youth, teen engagement to act as community leaders for better tobacco awareness and increased access for smoking cessation for teen smokers. Short Term Objectives include:

Reduce the number of teens who use tobacco products (smoke and/or chew) Increase the number of youths who choose not to use tobacco, based on informed decision making Build relationships in underserved communities and regions

Increase the number of teens who have access to cessation classes Long term objectives include:
Reduce the number of individuals who die as a result of smoking related illnesses and diseases each year Reduce the number of people who are impacted by chronic diseases as a result of their tobacco use. Youth Education Actions:

Train at a minimum 500 teenagers as youth educators on tobacco use These teen teachers will reach at a minimum 10,000 of their peers and educate them on tobacco prevention during the upcoming school year. Youth Engagement...

References: Youth Tobacco Prevention Proposal – 2013: Idaho Millennium Fund Application; Idaho Legislature
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