What are Angels?

Topics: Love, Life, English-language films Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Angels are the one that God sends to us to protect and love us. They are considered as the guardian for us. They will be with us no matter whatever happens. There was a boy who was yearning for his guardian angel to come for him also. He grew up in a good family. Loving family. Yet he still was lonely. The reason is because he is not used to be with a good friend in his life. Therefore he grew up lonely. He was in a imaginary cave that prevents him from the outside world. He is a sensitive person. He can bear any harsh talks being subjected upon him. Once an incident happened to him. But he knew he was innocent but his mother who was so angry told him to go away from their lives and never return. But he was so young at that time. Where could he go?

Years later god sent him an angel to be his best friend. She was so good and loving to him. She managed to bring him out from his cage and taught him the value of life. He was so happy in his life that he feels like his entire life is perfect. He felt the happiness to be loved as a best friend. But it didn’t last long. Soon his angel was keeping a distance from him. She is not like last time. She tends to get angry very fast. But he understood that she was busy therefore he always believed that one day his angel will be back to him as before.

But it didn’t happen, one day his angel believed from someone else that the boy she was guarding talked ill of her to other people. She questioned him. The boy didn’t feel hurt because he knew that his angel would not suspect him. But he was wrong. His angel didn’t believe him. She believed what others say about the boy and hurts the boy deeply. But the boy didn’t say it. Why his angel wouldn’t trust him? She told him that he will not be able to be with anyone. At that point he felt the same stinging pain in his heart. The same pain when his mother told him to go away forever. His angel left after that. He walked around the places where he spent his time with his angel. He...
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