Theological Meaning of Angel

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Angles and Hope
I have decided to write about the topics of hope and Angles. This assignment was a lot more difficult than I had originally anticipated. I spoke more about Gods Angels. I choose to write the good angels, the one that come from God. I decided to elaborate on the topic of hope because at one point in my life I had no hope. I now realize that it is one of the important stepping stones when coming to Jesus Christ. It also ties in with faith and much more, but you must read more to find out. I put a lot of time effort in to this report and, spoke from the inner-most part of my heart. I had a very big revelation during this study. God used this assignment about hope and angles to strengthen and have a closer relationship with Him. I also noticed my husband reading the bible more; I believe its from my actions with all this intense relationship bible reading. I really think you will enjoy reading this assignment. Theological Meaning of Ángel

I. The Word angel in English as we know it is angel. Well the word comes from the Greek word. Angelo means messenger. The Hebrew word means Malak which can also mean messenger. Malachi in the bible got his name from the word Malak so that his name has a meaning of messenger or angel. This fact really interests me because I was going to name my son Malachi; I really wish I would have named him Malachi now that I have learned this. I have discovered in the Old Testament theology included a belief in angels. In haven there was certain spiritual intelligences, they worked for God just like they were ministers of His will. I foswund lots of verses that relate the topic of angles to theology. One of them is Matthew 11;30, I like it because it gives me a vivid description of angels. Angels are purely spiritual or bodiless. Matthew 11;30. Biblical Meaning

II. Now I am going to do try my very best to explain on the subject of Angels. The best...
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