What's Up with Pasta

Topics: Marketing, Qualitative research, Quantitative research Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: November 26, 2008
The evolution of the Spanish pasta market has not gone according to the expectations of the Spanish Association of Pasta Producers (AEFPA). They believe that the current consumption of 4 kg per person can be increased up to 5 kg per person within in the next two years but, the reality is that the expected boom, hasn’t come true. To push the demand forward the AEFPA has decided to run a high profile campaign in an effort to increase the consumption of pasta.

In order to be successful the AEFPA require information on:
-The market: quantitative data to establish a broader picture of the market in terms of market share and distribution: how much pasta is sold in Spain Vs similar markets, where is it sold: geographically and point of sale, main competitors…etc. -The product: qualitative data about types of pasta being offered, different brands currently in the market, main attributes of the product, pricing…etc. -The consumers: qualitative data to complement the market and product research: perceived attributes, shopping and consumption habits (Who? When? How? Why?). Bearing this in mind, a marketing research plan is proposed to gather all of the information required in order to make the right decisions and implement an appropriate action plan.

As pasta is a very well known product and the AEFPA knows the product attributes very well, the key OBJECTIVES should be: 1) Obtain a broader picture of the market: where, why and how often are sales taking place – to try to identify potential niche markets to drive national sales. 2) Have a better understanding of the consumer: how much, how and how often they eat pasta – to try to adapt not only the product but also the availability and how is consumed to push the individual sales (per person).

The RESEARH PLAN will have to cover three stages:
1º) The market input: The AEFPA already has a deep knowledge of the market in quantitative terms: -Spain Vs European Countries (in terms of production and consumption) -...
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