WHAP Chapter 13

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KEY POINTS: Chapter 13

Essential Question: How much of an influence did Chinese culture have in the development of Japan, Korea and Vietnam?

Taika reforms – attempt to remake Japanese monarch into absolute Chinese-style emperor & create pro bureaucracy & peasant army Bushi – regional warrior leaders; rule small kingdoms, administer laws, supervise public works, collect revenues, build private armies Samurai – mounted troops of bushi; loyal to local lords, not the emperor Seppuku – ritual suicide/disembowelment in Japan; demonstrated courage and a means to restore family honor Shogun – military leaders of the bakufu

Daimyo – warlord leaders of 300 small states following Onin War & disruption of Ashikaga Shogunate Sinification – extensive adaptation of Chinese culture in other regions; typical of Korea and Japan, not for Vietnam What three areas were in the orbit of Chinese influence? Japan, Korea, and Vietnam

Japan: The Imperial Age

Which two groups resisted the Taika reforms?
Aristocracy and peasantry
What groups gained power in the government after the capital was moved to Heian? Buddhist monks and aristocrats
Who was ordered to organize militia forces?
Local leaders
Describe what court life was like in the Heian Era.
Emperors and courtiers lived in a closed world of luxury and aesthetic delights, strict codes of polite behavior, under constant scrutiny of peers and superiors, social status was everything, lived in complex of palaces and gardens, writing verse most valued art What was the first novel ever produced? author?

The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki
List what pursuits were expected of cultured men and women in the Heian court. Poetry, music, art, manners/etiquette
What activities were part of the bushi/samurai life?
Hunting, riding, archery practice, etc.
How did the rise of the warrior/samurai class affect the peasantry in Japan? Destroyed all hopes of a free peasantry; peasants became serfs,...
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