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Faculty of Business Administration & International Trade

Group Project: Brand Management

Throughout the semester, it is intended that participants witness several methods of learning, to enhance the ability and knowledge about the topic in hand. These methods are ranging from in class lecturing, case study discussions, simulation activities, and moreover hands-on application through research, planning, and proposing a relevant marketing plan to the syllables selected. Please read through carefully the below mentioned for your own convenience regarding the group project which will account for 20% of your final grade. Assignment

Every 4-6 students will form a group to develop a marketing plan for a service of their own choice, on the issue of service audit and innovation strategies. The purpose of this project is to simulate the decisions one might be asked to make as a professional marketer for a service oriented firm. It is intended to give first-hand experience in identifying opportunities and developing marketing objectives, and strategies. In order to apply the complete extended marketing mix, market analysis, and develop a full marketing proposition. The group should work as if they represent an SME or a large company planning to expand or enhance operations for a well selected marketing objective. Selecting a Brand: Students are expected to choose a local/Multinational Brand and to conduct a BRAND AUDIT for it. Grading

This group project will contribute for 20% of your total grad, which will be distributed between the iterative submissions, till the final document submission to the research center, and the final presentation. Hence, there will be several components for this project: 1. Concept document and brief proposal presented by all group members during office hours – Due on or before Thursday the 20th of December. 2. First draft submission for the due-diligence research, and the selected brand as per the before mentioned...
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