Western Civilization Notes

Topics: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Polis Pages: 14 (5843 words) Published: April 11, 2013
-Egypt stayed within the confines of its borders
-Hyksos invaded; Egyptians became more imperialistic;
-Amenhoptet III is rejected and if he was mentioned in hyrogliphics they carved those sections out. He tried to get rid of the polytheistic and worship the god Aten -marriages in Egyptian life were generally arranged by the parents and they could end in divorce but they rarely did because of a moral code. Food was a grain based diet, because the grain was so plentiful. There was very little meat in the diet and of there was it was fish. -Egyptians were one of the first recyclers, the temples would be abandoned and taken down and the stones used to make the temples were transported to another capital or city and were used in the reconstruction of another temple or building. -Hebrews: long history in the area of Palestine and Egypt. In the beginning they are polytheistic but because of a flood(story of the flood is important). the flood symbolizes the attitude that the people had and the gods destroyed their area because of that. They're based on a tribal development. They develop a loyalty to the tribe and not to any type of generalized political state. Because of a drought they had to move into Egypt. In the beginning they were treated well but the Egyptians were not happy and they made them live in an area called Goshen(the ghetto). Moses(leader of the Hebrew) requested that the Hebrew people be permitted to leave Egypt. He felt that they had been there long enough and the lands had opened up and it would eliminate their virtual slavery. The exudus begins. -exudus: a series of plagues hit Egypt because the pharaoh would not let them leave. According to the exudus, it's up to individuals whether or not -Abraham was viewed differently by all three religions, he lives in the city of Ur. There is no political state during Abraham's time -United Kingdom- ancient country that lasts about 100 years, has three kings. 1-Saul: military leader appointed about 1020 BC and last till 1000 BC. He has success in the beginning but them hits multiple defeats. He dies in battle and is succeeded by David. Created the idea of a political state and a sense of territory where the political state is held and can be kept 2-David: rules from 1000bc to 970 bc . Forms the country's capital in the city of Salem and then renames it Jerusalem. He forms the initial government 3-Solomon: rules from 970-930 bc. Involved in creating the beaurocracy -Saba(referred to today as Sheba)-has a relationship with the queen in regards to trade -Israel is broken apart, the northern part retains its name of Israel with 10/12 tribes. The southern part takes the name of Judah. Both are taken over by outside groups. The north is taken over by the Assyrians in 722 BC the south by the Kaldeansins in 527 BC. They go back to polytheistic but those who are faithful to Judaism have problems they couldn't worship at the temple because of a hard journey. One particular road only they can't stay there are wars between the two which result in more separation. -the Jewish tradition changes a great deal. They enter into a covenant with their god yawway. They become monotheistic . The covenant is basically a contract that said they would recognize yawway as a god and follow his ways and rules. He is viewed as a father god. The Jewish people often violated the contract going against the rules that had been established by yawway. He punished them for that, before he started punishing the, he used to send prophets down to tell them that they needed to change their ways but nobody ever listened to the prophets. -ancient Israel developed into a theocracy: the civil and religious law are pretty much the same. If you violate one you basically violate both of them, however the religious laws were the most severe in punishment. Groups that were involved with the interpretation of the religious law become the lawyers and judges after the theocracy ends. There is a legal code...
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