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In this paper the Jewish holy day Passover is examined and explained. The time of year and the history of Passover is included. The religious practices that are associated with the Passover holy day are also analyzed. Passover is a celebration that various branches of Judaism recognize as a major holyday, but there are cultural differences within then. Passover is an important holy day in the religion of Judaism Judaism is a religious belief that was originated around 1800 B.C. during this period all Israelites were considered to be Jews. Abraham was a Jewish native in Egypt that did not want to worship the thought of more than one God. Judaism started to become more controlled in 1500 B.C. when Moses was given the ten commandments of God. Moses became the messenger of God.

The pharaoh of Egypt had the Israeli people as prisoners and slaves. God sent Moses to tell pharaoh to free Gods people. Pharaoh did not do as God requested. God was upset because of pharaoh decision so he sent 10 plagues upon the Egyptians. The first plague was to turn the water of the Nile into blood so that all of the fish will die and the Egyptians would not have any clean water to drink. Pharaoh still did not release the Israeli people. God sent a second plague upon the Egyptians. The second plague was the plague of frogs where God covered the entire country with frogs. Pharaoh decided to release the Israeli people so that he can rid the country of frogs. The next day all of the frogs died and pharaoh changed his decision and continued to keep the Israeli people as slaves. Then there was a third plague, the plague of gnats. God that gnat’s cover the entire country. Pharaoh was not changing his decision so God sent six more plagues over Egypt before he sent the 10th plague. The tenth plague was the plague of death upon all of the first born sons of Egypt. It was arranged for the Israelites to mark their doorpost with blood from a sacrificial lamb, and the spirits will pass...

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The Holy Bible
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