Wellness Program Design

Topics: Nutrition, C. Everett Koop, Health Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: May 5, 2013
* Historical Wellness Program Design
- Combination of educational, organizational and environmental activities made to support behavior in favor of the health of employees and their families. - There is no set standard for creating a wellness program, each company creates its own program with components it feels is relevant. - Wellness programs are evaluated once a year by a panel of experts and include those developed or based in worksites, the community, health provider groups, insurance, government, innovators, or other organizations. - 4 winning 2008 programs of the C. Everett Koop National Health Award.  Dow Chemical’s LightenUp Program.

 Energy Corporation of America’s (ECA) Platinum Wellness Program.  IBM Wellness for Life Program.
 Lincoln Industries’ Wellness ‐ go! Platinum Program.

- Criteria established by studies (quoted from Call, Gerdes, Robinson) Program Goals
 Must reduce the need and demand for medical services
 Must be directed at Healthy People
 Cost reduction is a major element
Program Features
 Program has reasonable approaches for cost reduction
 Program must have reasonable approaches to behavioral change  Program must be in operation for at least two years
Program Evaluation
 Study must measure program results either randomized control study, longitudinal study, or before and after comparisons  Programs should participate in ongoing research activities to determine effectiveness  All data must be available for external review and broad dissemination This small selection of award‐winning programs provides a glimpse of the diversity among successful corporate and worksite wellness programs. Some programs have on‐site nur consultants, while others have outside vendors conducting their worksite wellness programs. Each of the companies selected different aspects on which to focus such as obesity and activity or determination of risks by HRAs. All of the employees...
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