Welfare Provision

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Assignment One
Managing Human Resources
Welfare Provision and Flexible Working Practices
Michelle Kirkham


This report will investigate the implications of introducing flexible working and welfare at Paragon. It will support this investigation by identifying welfare provision within Marks and Spencer and Google and compare how effective the initiatives are within their organisations. It also highlights to Keith Teaming, the need for welfare provision and flexible working within Paragon. This report will make recommendations to Paragon and indicate how such initiatives could back Paragon to organisational success.

Flexible working and welfare provision in organisation and their effectiveness

The term flexible working potentially encompasses a wide variety of different types of initiatives for example; job sharing, compressed hours, home working, flexitime and term time working to name a few. Welfare provision covers a broad area of health and wellbeing in the wok place from promoting healthy a healthy lifestyle to offering private health insurance to each employee. Marks and Spencer are well known for their commitment to flexible working and work-life practices. They are committed to this because they understand the individual’s needs and valuing the difference rather than conformity. (www.theworkfoundation.co.uk, 2003) citing Marks and Spencer “Displaying commitment to work-life balance widens the recruitment pool from which to find the best people and helps to maintain employee commitment to the business. This in turn realises saving in recruitment and training increases productivity” Marks an Spencer have the following initiatives, which exceeds statutory requirements; Table 2:1

For all employees| |
Flexible working patterns| A range of options available | Career leave| Employees who have completed two years’ continuous service may be entitled up to 9 months’ leave| Domestic emergency leave| Time off for...

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