Welfare System

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Karin Cadora
English Composition
6 October 2011
Now days I believe it is a fair assessment to say that people are using the welfare system as a more of a crutch than what the system is actually intended for. Sure there are people using welfare to help them while they attempt to find a job in a society where the unemployment rate is 15%. But there are also those that are abusing the system States that enforce drug testing for the Welfare program:

1. Ohio
2. Missouri
3. Nebraska
4. Oregon
5. New Mexico
6. Kentucky
7. Florida

These states have implemented a drug testing program in order for applicants to apply for Welfare. Only Kentucky and Florida is it a mandatory requirement.

A. Applicant submits to drug test
1. For the state of Florida an applicant must submit to a drug test at the applicant’s expense. If the applicant successfully passes the drug test the cost of the test is refunded back to the applicant. If the applicant fails the test, the fee for the test is not refunded and applicant must complete a drug treatment program. Upon completion of the program the applicant may reapply for the program within one year

1) Results
A. To date only 2% of applicants have failed the drug testing required by the state of Florida since the requirement of drug testing was enacted.

Critics say that drug testing applicants for Welfare is unconstitutional and infringes on an applicant’s rights. My personal opinion is that this system of checks and balances not only keeps the integrity of the system in tact but it also keeps the applicants from abusing the system and what it was intended for. If I were the head of this government program my plan would be to require all states to implement some sort of testing not only upon the request of welfare but periodic random testing to ensure that applicants are continuing to remain drug free and use the money for what it is intended for.
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