Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

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Rita Cook
Mrs. Burke
Academic English 4
15th May 2013
Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients
The need for welfare among society today has become increasingly large. Although the need for welfare is rapidly increasing, so is the use of drugs. This is posing as a major problem for the welfare programs. Welfare programs are now trying to put into place a new qualification where any possible recipients of welfare are required to take a drug test. For the most part, welfare recipients respect the requirements of their contract with the agency. The drug testing will just be used to eliminate any persons taking advantage of the welfare program for inappropriate use and to ensure that the welfare will go to the people who are actually in need of it. While many are more than willing to take the drug tests, there are also quite a few who are very reluctant toward this new qualification. In order to decide whether or not drug testing is a logical and fair requirement, all the pros and cons need to be laid out on the table.

As for the pros of the required drug testing, there are quite a few to take into consideration. The first pro to consider is that it’s not fair to the tax payers to have to pay for others’ drug addictions. For all the tax payers in the world, all the taxes we pay out of our paychecks, pockets, etc. go to the government. This money then in turn goes to things such as paying schools, funding clubs, and more importantly, to support those persons seeking welfare. It’s not fair to those tax payers if in fact those people on or seeking welfare are stuck in an addiction and use the welfare money to support their habit. Tax payers are obviously working to earn their money, so why should they have to work to pay off the habits of the people who are too lazy...
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