week8 essay

Topics: Tea, Eating, Restaurant, Green tea, Concept, Food / Pages: 2 (516 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2014
Restaurant industry is the main reason I choose the hotel industry for my future career. I like to go to any kinds of restaurant to try different food and service. There are so many food from different countries provide us in China. And so many new concepts of the restaurants happened in China from those people with some great ideas. For my favorite restaurant concept, I would like to call it small luxury restaurant. For me, it great for its price, food and advertisement.

First, the price is really well. For example, you should pay a lot of money for dinning in a luxury restaurant. You should pay one hundred dollars per person for a five course. In small luxury restaurant. You may pay just twenty dollars for the same five course. It means you may just a little money but you can enjoy the same food like eating in a luxury restaurant. For this price, many guests go to this small luxury restaurant to enjoy food. I often see the long line in this type of restaurant. In conclusion, price is very good for their food and what you can enjoy in this type of restaurant.

Second, the food in the small luxury restaurant is so good. You can enjoy so many types food in the small luxury restaurant. For example, you can drink four types of tea in the beginning like green tea, black tea, flower tea or so on. And so many different kinds of salts and soy sauces serve with food. In addition, the main food is also really good for its quality. They provide the best beef cut by the best knife and cooked by the best salt and sauce. You can also enjoy some food which can not buy in China like Japanese rice and beef. So the food is really good and guests like to eat these food provided in this restaurant. In conclusion, the food is also a good reason for me to like this small luxury restaurant.

Finally, the advertisement of this restaurant is the best thing for this restaurant. Internet and social network like WEIBO is developing so quick in China. So many people in China spend a

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