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Week 4 Team Assignment

By Tyler-Steinle Jan 05, 2015 303 Words
Week 4 Team assignment

Prepare a presentation addressing the following:

Describe which area you chose: urban, suburban, or rural.
Describe the local form of government and identify the major elected officials of your selected area.

Rural Area
A Rural area is a geographic area located outside of cities or towns. It is also classified as encompassing all population, housing, territory not included within an urban area. Rural areas have a low population density and small settlements.  

Local governments are structured in accordance with the laws of the various individual states. Each state has at least two separate tiers of government counties and municipalities. Some states are divided even further into townships. The different types of local reflect the levels of population density; examples include city, town, borough and village. Some of the major elected officials are city council, town board, or board of aldermen.  


Identify the major public policy issues, current events, and challenges this government faces and analyze one in depth. Discuss how the state government is addressing the issue you selected.

Major public policy issue; Gay & Lesbian marriage -many people versus the state law suits are now being heard at the Supreme Court. Congress is in a current session to create or deny their rights to be married.

Challenge government faces today - segregation between parties - old world mentality - loose financial spending - unreasonable government control over state laws Current

Event Gun Control -multitude public shootings have outraged the nation as congress re-evaluates the nations right to bear arms. What kinds of arms are allowed and which should be illegalized.

Tyler + putting together Power point

Provide realistic solutions to the public policy issues, current events, and challenges this government faces.

One of the biggest public issues I see currently is gun control.

Stricter background checks

Regulate magazine capacity

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