Stanley Park Project

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The City of Kelsey’s founder, M. Kelsey’s vision was to “preserve the natural resources of the land and maintain a close-knit community” (Apollo Group, 2011). The elected and appointed officials who have followed consistently meet the needs of the community by continuing to build upon foundation that the city was built – self-sufficiency and a strong sense of community (Apollo Group, 2011). The city has seen a significant increase in population over the past few years and expects this trend to continue into the foreseeable future. As the City of Kelsey grows, businesses and industries will also continue to progress and particular care must be taken to preserve the natural resources and the tradition of the city while balancing between the city’s overall growth and preservation needs (Apollo Group, 2011). The city government sees the immediate need in parks and recreation. Over the past two years, the city has invested millions of dollars in the Parks and Recreation Department in continuous improvements. The Stanley Park Project will offer state of the art park and recreation amenities that will meet the needs of all residents; from parents walking through the park with infants in strollers, teenagers skateboarding on the skate ramp, senior citizens learning computer skills in the computer learning center, to dogs using the enclosed dog park. This innovative state of the art multipurpose-multifunctional park with recreation facilities enforces what the City of Kelsey offers, “Amenities of the big city without sacrificing the small town charm” (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Stanley Park Project Paper
The City of Kelsey government, a strong mayor structure (mayor-council government), must play a developmental role in the community. The Mayor is responsible for assessing the needs of the community and presenting recommended plan to the City Council. The Mayor and the City Council recognize that with a population of 625,000, the city will continue...
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