Femingdon Park Demographic Analysis

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Flemingdon Park is located in the North York region of Toronto. It is home to approximately 22,000 residents mainly from foreign places. This collective population accounts for approximately 0.8% of Toronto’s total population. This paper will thoroughly cover the diverse demographics of Toronto’s “Apartment City.” The conclusions will be drawn through strategically chosen features of the community’s demographics in relation to planning principles. Aspects that will be touched upon will include; age, gender, ethnicity/immigration and income in reference to dwelling types. By exploring such facets of the community, one will be able to depict the demographics of Flemingdon Park, thus the planning ideals as well. Furthermore, these numbers will then allow us to make a comparison between the City of Toronto as a whole and Flemingdon as a region. Careful analysis and interpretation of these sets of data will lead to a further understanding of Flemingdon and its social and developmental components. This information will give insight into the methodology and reasoning behind specific planning decisions. We will begin this study by examining the age groups within the neighbourhood, and then strategically progress and conclude with more specific findings with reference from Statistics Canada.

Based on the data available it is evident that the division of ages is consistent in growth along the census years of 2001, 2006 and 2011. All of the years shown will be taken into consideration however the base of our interpretations will lie in 2006. We will discuss age as a discreet quantitative variable, and gender as a nominal qualitative variable. From the data we have gathered – speaking to age - the most overt conclusion we can draw on would be the constant domination of the working age group – this suggests there will always be, and perhaps be a growing need for housing. These numbers make sense as there are substantial job opportunities, alongside transportation methods for those who choose to commute in or out of the neighbourhood – DVP and TTC access. In 2006, this group composed 55% of Flemingdon’s entire population. –Statistics Canada, 2006. In the same year the comparative population of senior citizens accounted for a significantly less portion of the cumulative population of the neighbourhood – 10%. The remaining 35% of the population was comprised of youth and children. Based on the data we have gathered and analyzed, we can say with reasonable certainty that the population shifts seen over the years will continue to rise and fall in the same trends in the future. See Figure 1. Speaking to Toronto, a similar trend follows. See Figure 2. The working age outnumbers all other age groups dramatically. One notable difference is, in the City of Toronto – unlike Flemingdon – the seniors outnumber the youth. The number of children and seniors in both areas account for a similar fraction of the populations. The proximity of services – example health care and other amenities – are carefully constructed to meet said needs. Age Groups in relation to Year – Flemingdon Park.

Figure 1.

Age Groups for 2006 – City of Toronto.

Figure 2.
Speaking to gender - Flemingdon Park in 2006 was dominated by females, counting in at 11,890 total – 52%. Males totalled at 10, 790 – 48%. See Figure 3. This speaks to the ‘eyes on the street concept’ in terms of safety and security (Women tend to feel vulnerable or uneasy to uncanny surroundings). Toronto 2006 consisted of 1,297,900 females (52%), and 1,205,370 males (48%). – Statistics Canada, 2006. See Figure 4. Notably, the percentiles – despite the heavy difference in general population – equal out, this adds up to 93 males for every 100 females.

Population Gender – Flemingdon Park. Population Gender – City of Toronto....
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