Week 3 article Summary

Topics: Quality management, Management, Quality assurance / Pages: 3 (845 words) / Published: May 20th, 2015
The specific article that interested me was an article I found in the University of Phoenix Library “Quality Management and Performance: An annotated review”. This particular article interested me as it gave a clear picture on how management, leaders with poor skills can have a great effect on quality. One of the main ideas in the article that stuck out was how competition and the demands of customers have greatly changed the environment of business. Unlike in the past companies can no longer solely rely on their current business operations to survive in the competitive world. In order to stay ahead of competition companies must implement new operation management practices. The article described how quality management has evolved as a paradigm in management used to improve the overall effectiveness of an organization.
Quality management has been and is considered to be one of the major drivers of performance drivers in organizations. There have been many studies done to explore quality management and their relationship with performance. The purpose of these studies were to help managers and organizations implement effective quality management. Although there are contributing factors to quality management no single factor contributes to effective quality management. Also none of these contributing factors will improve or is guaranteed to improve performance in the organization.
The TCO’s that identify with my selected topic are A, B, C, D and E. Under TCO A, B, and C the definition of quality is defined and what it is to manage quality. Also under this TCO it details the six different perspectives from which quality is defined which are: transcendent, product, value, user, manufacturing, and customer. Under TCO A, B, C, and D the foundations of quality management were explained and the founding philosophers of quality management. This TCO also explored the principles, practices, and techniques of quality management which are quality management principles,

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