Web Site Evaluation & Analysis

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Web Site Evaluation & Analysis

www.waterstones.co.uk | Vs.| www.amazon.co.uk www.barnesandnoble.comwww.whsmith.co.uk| Impact of the Home Page
Analysis of findings

Test Scenario 1 - Aesthetic and minimalist design (Heuristic Evaluation Test) * Web Site: www.waterstones.com
* Weakness - The home page contents too much information for the user

* Where is the problem? – Home page of the website provide too much of details and list of products which will give a more complex picture of the site to the user.

* Guidelines –Aesthetic and minimalist design should be ensured in the home page by not publishing too many products at the home page and also by categorizing the links to the other pages.

* Web Site: www.barnesandnoble.com , www.amazon.com
* Strength - Aesthetic and minimalist design maintained at the home page * Where is the problem? n/a

* Guidelines – Each of the information contains at the home page is well categorized to gain the focus of the user to each and every corner of the home page.

Conclusion – when compared to Waterstones website, Amazon and Barns and Noble websites maintains a better level of minimalist design at the home page.
Test Scenario 2 - Flexibility and efficiency of use (Heuristic Evaluation Test) * Web Site: www.amazon.co.uk
* Strength – Offer recommendation for the users by keeping track of the products users have viewed. * Where is the problem? – n/a

* Guidelines – Homepage of the website displays the most recent products which users has viewed and recommended products based upon the users records. This will minimize the surfing time of the repeating users for the site as well as helps to promote products efficiently to the correct audience.

* Web Site: www.waterstones.com , www.barnesandnoble.com
* Weakness – users interest is not considered on the products promoting at the home page * Where is the problem? – home...
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