Web Hosting

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Web Hosting 

Web hosting is one of the foremost step to start our website as to make your website visible to the world is needs to be hosted on a WEB SERVER but before hosting a website it needs to answer some of the tricky question which each one of us should know Questions like given below always comes to our mind when we look to hosting a website. How does the Internet work?

How can I have my own Web Site?
What is a Web Host?
What is an Internet Service Provider?
A web is simply a network of computers all over the world where all the computers in the web can communicate with each other and the information can be send easily from one place of the world to another but the tricky thing is that how these computers actually communicate. It’s a communication protocol called HTTP which all the computers use to to send and receive information over internet. WWW or World Wide Web

Web informations are stored in documenst called web pages each web page of a website are linked to each other through various link in the data they hold,web pages are files which are stored on computers called web servers. Different computers located on the network read or view these web pages with the help of a program called web browsers and the computers are called web clients.There are various browser available on the network but most popular browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox this is how WWW or World Wide Web works over Internet. Web Server

Your Web site consists of collection of all your web pages but inorder to show your webpages or share your data with others clients it is necessary to publish your web site and to publish your work,you must copy your site to a web server.your own PC can act as a web server but the necessary condition is that it should be connected to a network 24/7 which is not possible for every one therefore most common is to use an Internet Service Provider (ISP).an Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides Internet Services and the most common is web hosting. Web Hosting

Web Hosting means storing your web site on a public server and renting a server from a Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a common option. Included in a Web hosting solution you can expect to find domain name registration and standard email services. Most small companies store their web site on a server provided by an ISP. Here are some advantages: Connection Speed

Most ISPs have very fast connections to the Internet which is necessary for the fast load of your website and also easy running of your business . Powerful Hardware
ISPs often have powerful web servers that can be shared by several companies. You can also expect them to have an effective load balancing, and necessary backup servers. Security and Stability
ISPs are specialists on web hosting. Expect their servers to have more than 99% up time, the latest software patches, and the best virus protection which is must for any website to run continuously. Things to Consider with an ISP

24-hour support
Make sure your ISP offers 24-hours support. Don't put yourself in a situation where you cannot fix critical problems without having to wait until the next working day. Toll-free phone could be vital if you don't want to pay for long distance calls. Daily Backup

Make sure your ISP runs a daily backup routine, otherwise you may lose some valuable data. Traffic Volume
Study the ISP's traffic volume restrictions. Make sure that you don't have to pay a fortune for unexpected high traffic if your web site becomes popular. Bandwidth or Content Restrictions
Study the ISP's bandwidth and content restrictions. If you plan to publish pictures or broadcast video or sound, make sure that you can. E-mail Capabilities
Make sure your ISP supports the e-mail capabilities you need. Database Access
If you plan to use data from databases on your web site, make sure your ISP supports the database access you need.

Hosting your own Web site
Hosting your web site on your own server is always an...
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