Website Migration Project

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Website Migration Project

Strayer University

Tony’s Chips is a medium sized enterprise that aims to enhance its operations through e commerce. The company aims to migrate from its current externally hosted website to a new e commerce system that will be hosted internally. The new system will provide data storage, retrieval, security and recovery solutions for the enterprise. It will also enable the company to perform commercial transactions through the website. The new system is expected to improve on the operational reliability provided by the existing system. The company also aims to adopt a system that will provide better data integrity facilities. The firm’s management views a redundant system as offering the most ideal recovery solutions. The new system is expected to provide improved database facilities as well as facilitate the firm’s electronic transactions. Project goal

This project aims to produce a system that will adequately address Tony’s Chips system requirements. In light of this, the system’s architecture will consider all of the system’s requirements in its design. The system’s architecture will make use of the ideally performing applications. The project aims to create a cohesive system from the many available system components by putting emphasis on application compatibility. The project also aims at creating reliable recovery solutions for the system. This will be undertaken with the aim of enhancing system recoverability. Available system component alternatives

The system’s requirements call for an adoption of system architecture that is robust, stable and efficient. The architecture will encompass an operating system platform, a database, a web server and server side scripting software. For each of these system sub sections, there is a large variety of software solutions available for adoption. These tools possess operational, cost and adaptability characteristics that make them suited for application in varying areas. A web server’s operating system has a significant influence on the efficiency of the resident system (Gunther, 2006). This necessitates the need for an ideal web server platform choice. Several operating system (OS) platform alternatives are available to Tony’s Chips. For instance, the company can choose to run the new system on a Microsoft Windows Server OS platform. Some of the server platform applications provided by Microsoft include Windows Server 2008 and 2012. These operating systems are advantageous in that most online applications are available to the Microsoft Windows Server platform. Additionally, expertise on Windows server OS is readily available. As a result, implementation and maintenance operations for applications using this platform are complemented by available personnel. However, Microsoft’s licensing fees for new versions of the OS present an economic obstacle to the adoption of the platform. In addition, the platform’s security facilities are not as reliable as those of alternative server platforms such as Linux and UNIX (MacDonald, 2009). Linux offers a variety of server OS distributions. These include Red Hat, Ubuntu and CentOS. These server platforms have the common advantage of being easily customizable, stable, secure and robust (Tanenbaum, 2001). Cento possesses the best expertise support among Linux distros. This is because of its long development cycle. CentOS, however, does not possess the enterprise level operating abilities of Red Hat Linux. Of the currently available Linux distributions, Red Hat Linux offers the best performance when used in enterprise level applications. UNIX is also a viable server OS platform alternative. Its performance characteristics are similar to those of Linux. Its hardware specificity and cost, however, present a challenge to its adoption in server applications. As shown, a variety of server platform facilities are available to Tony’s Chips’ project. Tony’s Chips’ choice of web server software will...

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