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Wealth Management in India
Description: This Prefeasibility Report is a must read for those interested in setting up a project or having interest in the given sector. It provides the requisite inputs for setting up a specific project. These inputs range from broad market aspects to details like funding of the project, selection of location, plant and machinery plan etc. The report comes with a soft copy of a financial model. To check the viability of his/her project, the buyer can customise this model according to the specific requirements. This report titled ‘Wealth Management in India’ covers the recent trends in the industry, global market and its trend, estimates of the future market, growth drivers, critical success factors, issues and challenges, regulatory environment, and profiles of major players and their products offerings. The report will be useful for industry research analysts, banks and other non-banking financial companies, and wealth management service companies. Wealth management is classified as a type of financial planning tool that provides corporates and their families with private banking, asset management, legal resources, real estate planning, investment management and portfolio management with the goal of sustaining and growing longterm wealth. Wealth management service providers have segmented the Indian market into four categories: the mass market (investible surplus USD5,000 to 25,000); the mass affluent (USD25,000 to 1 million); the high-net-worth (USD1 million to 30 million) and the ultra-high net worth (greater than USD30 million). Key Findings & highlights - During the second half of 2007, there was a contrasting difference between the matured and emerging economies where emerging market captured the major portion of wealth management. - In 2007, the global economy grew by 5.1%, down slightly from the 5.3% global growth in 2006. - The United...
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