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Topics: Investment, Personal finance, Capital accumulation Pages: 4 (747 words) Published: October 5, 2014
Wealth Management Goals and Objectives

Dimensions of Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Financial Goals & Objectives

Cash Flow Budgeting
Debt Management
Retirement Planning
Tax Planning
College Funding
Risk Management
Estate Planning



Financial Planning

Course Goals

How much time do we invest researching…

a notebook computer
a new car
a spring break trip
our long-term financial security

Simplify the wealth management process
Develop a long-term investment game plan
Take active control of your financial health
Gain confidence that you are making wise decisions
Identify (and avoid) common investment pitfalls




Getting Started

Personal goals & objectives
Choosing a sound financial lifestyle
How much do you need to retire?

Asset classes and performance
Impact of diversification
Asset allocation
Mutual funds

401(k), 403(b)

Saving for College
Wealth Protection


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Taxation and Tax Strategies
Retirement Savings Plans

Creating a portfolio


Risk Management & Insurance
Estate Protection

Investment Psychology and Behavioral Finance


Wealth Management Goals and Objectives

Primary Objective

Wealth Management Objectives

What is the primary objective of wealth management?

Needs, Goals, and Dreams



Life Stages

Early Adult (e.g., college grads to late 20’s)

Early Adult (early/late 20s)
What are the primary concerns or objectives?

Early Family (e.g., planning for family)


Maximize cash flow, control spending
Financial education (insurance, retirement plans, etc.)
Save for purchase of home

Pay down debt (student loans, credit cards)


Creating a sound financial plan

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